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By:    On: 2013-07-15

Camping is an adventurous way to get away from city life. So why not enjoy cooking over a campfire, which can be fun and challenging.

Before going make sure you are allowed to have fires. Many areas have fire restrictions due to the risk of wild fires. Also many areas no longer allow firewood to be brought in due to the spread of various tree eating beetles. In these areas you have to either buy your wood locally or where allowed collect it. Of course you could also burn charcoal.

Camping can test your cooking ability and how resourceful & creative you are. Here are some Campfire Cooking idea:

  1. Take advantage of edible leaves to alter common foods. For example simply wrap fish, chicken, etc with banana leaves and place it next to the fire. The leaves will protect the skin from burning. 
  2. Try boiling water using a paper cup. Place it next to the coal. The paper cup will not burn, because the water protects it. Experiment with it on your next camping trip, and amaze your friends.
  3. You can cook eggs without a pan. Place the egg in an orange peel and then place it next to the coal.
  4. Try making foil packs. All you do is mix the ingredient inside a double layer of foil and place it next to the fire. Try this: ground beef patty, potatoes, carrots, onion and peppers seasoned to taste. Add a tiny bit of water and place on the coals. After about 30 mins flip over, after another 30 mins or so it should be done.drawing by an 8 year old of cooking over a fire
  5. You can cook some ground beef inside a hollowed out onion.
  6. You can bake a ham inside a watermelon
  7. Fry many meats on a rock, just clean the rock best you can first
  8. Cook eggs and bacon in a paper bag
  9. You can cook on a grill over the fire or coals
  10. Cook in a dutch oven

There are a lot of Campfire Cooking techniques around the world. Take time to experiment, be creative and have fun with it. Try some of these ideas on your next camping adventure & tell us about it on facebook. By the way this drawing was done by my friends daughter, its of her cooking over a campfire.

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