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By:    On: 2013-06-22

Many enjoy having a campfire while camping, but keeping it feed with wood can be an arm burning chore. Did you ever wish there was a device other then a long branch to make it easier to adjust the wood in your fire?

The heavy duty log tweezers, from our friends at “The Perfect Campfire Grill”, are used to move hot logs around in the campfire. It's important to have even heat when your cooking over a campfire. Adjusting the wood in a fire also helps air get in, allowing the fire to burn bigger, brighter and hotter.

At 3/16 of an inch thick & 5/8 of an inch wide, the tweezers stretch to a full length of 2 feet 6 inches long and will last a lifetime.

Check out this amazing tool. Let us know what you think on Facebook.

campfiregrill Log Tweezers

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