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By:    On: 2013-06-15

Going camping with the lads for treks in the wilderness, would not be complete without games to play around the camp fire. The ones you choose to play depend entirely on the people you are with at the time. If you are with a young family for example, you're more likely to bring out the games they are familiar with: Duck, Duck, Goose, I Spy and Tag. You can get away with a lot more when you're with a group of lads over the age of 20 though.

For the sake of argument, we're going to pretend you are camped out in an area which does not have any WiFi to speak of, nor any power sockets to plug in and charge your tablets and other electronic devices. You are unable to access the internet or your favorite gaming apps without draining the battery on your smartphone. What are you supposed to play when websites and popular games don't work? You go back to basics.

Card games tend to be the number one choice for campers all over the work, from England to Australia. Why? Because a small deck of cards is easier to pack beside your sleeping bag than a board game like {Monopoly}, and even if you could fit Jenga blocks in your rucksack, where would you find a surface level enough to build a tower and slowly take away the blocks one at a time? It would fall before you started. A deck of cards is unobtrusive and grants an entire group access to all sorts of card games. Provided you know the rules. Snap is a popular example, alongside Go-Fish and Blackjack. The card game every man wishes they were good at though, is poker.

And when you're sat around a camp fire with all your best mates, poker is the ultimate source for entertainment. On a basic level, poker is a very simple game so long as there's one person on the trip who can explain the rules to the group. The idea is to end the game with the combination of cards with the greatest value. The tricky thing is, unless you have worked out the pattern and know which cards are available to everyone else, you can't guarantee your cards will outplay the others. Which is where the fun and frustration comes from.

The hazard of playing a card game on a camping trip is, sore losers have been known to throw their cards in the camp fire before now, which will render most games unplayable tactically. In other words, if you are a good player don't rub your victories in the losers faces. Even seasoned campers can get lost in the wilderness in the dead of night.

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