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By:    On: 2010-07-01

As my business centers around the Internet it is very curcial I have a good and stable Internet connection regardless of where I am. After a lot of research I have settled on a business Hughes Net connection for the nest mixture of speed, allowed threshold (how much data you can transfer before going of the limit) and price. The plan I am looking at will allow me up to 1gb of data transfer a day. The other benefit of satellite is it will work any where I am, regardless of where the nearest cell tower is.

My plan is to get a tripod mount system such as this system at Maxwell Satellite My thought is regardless of where I am camped I can always set the dish up to where it will be able to get a signal. Also if I am doing anything away from camp I can just take it with me.

Another option I looked at is a usb key from a cell phone company. For example for roughly $60 I can get a connection from Verizon that works off the cell network. The problems, one is you have to have a data connection, in a remote place you may only have analog. Two, they limit you to 5gb of data transfer a month. And third they will not work in many remote places. If you decided to go with the cell network there are devices you can buy to boost the cell signal so you can get use out of a weaker signal.

The last option I looked into was using wifi connections such as at campgrounds that offer it, businesses such as Borders Books stores, McDonalds, and Starbucks. The problem here is you have to be at their location, limited to their hours and their rules. I will note I plan to use wifi a lot, but wont be my primary or only source of Internet access.

What it really comes down to, what kind of connection you need depends on your need. If all you are going to do is check email once a week both wifi and cell internet could work for you. Of course you also have to watch price, for example the Hughes Net plan I plan to get is around $180 a month.

Do you have any comments, recommendations, experience, etc when it comes to mobile Internet? Tell us about it below in the comments section... 

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