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By:    On: 2013-09-03

Today's "Wordless Wednesday" post is of this Butterfly taking in San Diego, CA March 2004. This photo comes to us courtesy of PDPhotos. Click to enlarge.


My friend's 6 year old girl wanted to add this, and I thought it was sweet...

This butterfly is pretty. The butterfly has cool colors. I like this picture so much! 

Then she added this cool little story ...

One day there was a butterfly named Nick. He saw a bird flying over his head. Nick said "whoa  a big bird!!" Nick and the bird became friends. Then one day he saw a flower. Nick was happy.  THE END!

If you would like to send us an image for a future Wordless Wednesday post, please contact us. If you or your kid would like to include a little something about the photo, feel free to pass it on. As always please give us your thoughts on facebook.


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