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By:    On: 2013-06-17

My best friends 6 year old daughter wrote this blog for me. I liked it so much I just had to it share it with all of you. Show your support by leaving her comments :)


Camping is fun. You can sleep in a tent or an RV. You will cook on a campfire. You will get to see trees, owls and stars. When you want to go to sleep, just get some hot milk. If you want to go outside, get out of your tent and go see nature like deer, birds, and squirrels. Everything you see is great! When you go to bed, you need a comfortable blanket and pillow. Some people love to camp outside. But if you get hungry go to your RV and get something to eat. Everybody knows how to camp. Do you know how to camp?

Here are some tips.

Tip 1: get your camping bags ready

Tip 2: pack your tent

Tip 3: then your ready to camp

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