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By:    On: 2013-09-09

Going camping with the lads for treks in the wilderness, complete with friendly poker games around the campfire, would not be complete without delicious food. It's difficult to know which types of food you should bring along with you. Should you cook? Would it be wiser to bring pre-prepared foods which won't go bad? Are cold meats a wise choice? Considering you'll be playing poker during the evening should you only bring foods which will not wipe grease and stains all over the cards?

Well, let's start with the last point first. It is usually recommended that during a poker game with a deck of cards, any food should not be too messy. However, considering you would already be out in the elements it would be wise to bring along a deck of cards which is waterproof anyhow (especially if you're camping in England), which would solve the issue of stray drops of sauce and grease lingering on the cards. With that in mind we come to the big question:

What food should you bring?


In terms of snacking, you could bring along the usual suspects. Potato chips and dip are a must have item, although make sure they are flavors everyone likes. Nachos, mozzarella sticks, cookies and marshmallows to toast over the fire would also be a good idea and will keep everyone warm. You could even use the marshmallows and cookies in the betting process: instead of money or poker chips, you receive sweets for winning.

A main meal

In terms of a main meal though, you want it to be filling, tasty and easy to eat with less mess to clear up afterwards. For this reason I suggest a meal of steak sandwiches filled with the extra toppings of your choice. Regardless of whether you bring sliced bread, buns or even baguettes with you, a sandwich is easy to hold so you won't need to bring cutlery, and is also easy to cook on a griddle pan. Just make sure you marinade the steak before you set out and store the meat at a cool temperature, perhaps in a 12 volt cooler. That way you can cook the meat and the fillings straight away.

Cold produce

Perhaps you could even bring along cold meats which preserve for a long time. When people in England go for picnics in the park or camping in the woods they will bring along sandwich fillers like corned beef, pâté and coleslaw, for example. You know, for those with the biggest appetites who need more sustenance. At least with an easy meal like this, you can eat and play your poker game at the same time. And the clear up time is lessened. If you're the cook you might even find that Lady Luck decides to shine on you and help you win the games for your efforts.

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