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By:    On: 2010-06-29

My dream is to live on the road out of my small SUV and a small travel trailer that I have yet to get. I will run my business from the road using various gadgets and technology making it possible. This blog will be about how I find my way to living on the road, build the revenue from my sites to a level that will sustain my dreams, how I will run my business from the road, about the gadgets and tools I use, and covering various outdoor skills and environmental issues.

The plan is to get a small travel trailer, like a 13 foot Scamp trailer that my 2005 Kia Sportage will pull. I will pack up my camp gear and hit the road. I should note that I am an Eagle Scout and have been camping and backpacking my whole life, I have even spend a week in bottom of the Grand Canyon twice. I also have two degrees in computer science. Lastly I am a entrepreneur and have been part of one business or another over the last 12 years or so. There is also a chance a friend will be joining me for the journey with her dog.

There are many things that need to happen before I can live my dream, the biggest is revenue generation from my sites, picking a base of operations, getting the trailer and building a 400 watt solar generator. The solar generator will be large enough to power my computers, satellite Internet, charge cameras and cell phone, etc all with out needing hookups or a generator. More on this in another post.

I will talk in other posts more about my plans to generate income. My main focus, however will be on ad sponsorships, ad networks, ebooks, and a paid user package called “Hitch Hiker”. I have the sponsorship packages broken down by mileage and the goal for the first year is to get 12,000 miles sponsored at $5 a mile.

Once on the road I plan to do everything from boondock (camp where there is no formal campground), stay in simple no thrill campgrounds, stay in fancy full feature campgrounds, hostels, and even stay with friends and relatives. I am hoping with friends and relatives I will be able to bum free lodging and use of the washing machine. 

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