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By:    On: 2014-06-05

 It’s now full on summer and while driving to work or just running errands, I find myself noticing little paths. These “paths” can be hard to find if your eye isn’t looking, or just as easy as seeing an opening off the side of the road.  Living in Maine I tend to drive a lot of back roads; and these are the roads with hidden treasures.

I pulled my truck over and got out to look down an old logging road. The brush getting thicker as I stepped over a stone wall that was probably 100 years old, up ahead I saw an old foundation of some sort.  After about ten minutes of looking around and searching the area, I came across some very old glass bottles. Most of them broken but I managed to salvage a few. One of them was quite large and said Clorox on it, but most were smaller and of different colors.

Heading back to my truck I noticed a stream that I decided to follow for a minute. I climbed up over a rock and up onto another boulder to see a huge rock wall. I happened to find something carved into to it saying Mill. The water ran down through the middle of these two big rock walls.  Absolutely beautiful!

Exploring off road in any area can be dangerous so be careful, and take a compass. You’re sure to find your own treasures or special spots, good luck!


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