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By:    On: 2012-07-02

There is a 1992 movie called “SideKicks” staring Chuck Norris about a high school kid who is being bullied, having a rough go in school do to his continuous fantasies and of course idolizes Chuck Norris. One of his teachers takes him under her wing and introduces him to her Uncle who teaches him karate. Through learning karate and the other lessons the uncle, teacher and dad share he gains self confidences, overcomes the asthma holding him back, and finds purpose in his life.

At the end of the movie is a regional karate competition, but it turns out they only have a 3 member team and need four or they won't be allowed to compete. Well as stories go and the conveniences writers put in, it just happens Chuck Norris is the special guest. The Uncle tells the teacher “He is the boys hero, of course he will help. Ask. Ask well.” So the teacher works her way over and manages to ask Mr. Norris to join their team, which of course he does. They go on to win the championship and the boy is finally able to let go of his last crutch, his fantasies.

My long winded point is, one never knows what well happen when you show 20 seconds of extreme embarrassing courage (from the new movie “We Bought A Zoo”) and just ask. The worst someone is going to do is say no and you have a fair chance they will say yes. The important thing to remember you may only have one shot so “Ask. Ask Well.”.

Another good lesson from “We Bought A Zoo” is when someone asks what are you thinking, why are you doing this, are you crazy? You can ask them “Why Not” and I bet a good chunk of the time they will have no good reason why you shouldn't. So I dare you to go ask someone now for something reasonable and ask well while doing it.

I am taking my chance now, like so many of us today I am having a very rough go of life and on the brink of becoming homeless. I do not ask for pity, as the blame is all mine. Instead I would like to help you! Yes, you heard me right. I want to help YOU!!!

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