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By:    On: 2012-05-08

Have you ever noticed in the movies, the hero is faced with a life changing event. These events are always life and death, the world is going to end kind of circumstances. Yet, in real life no matter how much you wish for such events to happen to you, they never do. No matter how much you want to change the direction and find a new purpose for your life, such an event probably just won't happen to you. No mystical monk is going to fall from the sky into your life.


Its like you are so busy looking and hoping for that magical life changing event to happen to you that you are blind to the opportunities around you now. What if that life changing event you are looking for was already here?


The circumstances you are faced daily. Those things you don't like and wish you could change. Could be your event. Stop complaining about and do something about it. Your life is not like the weather it will not change after awhile. The only way change happens is by starting now and do something, and then something else and keep at it. You already know deep inside yourself what you need to do. So stop complaining, stop talking about what you should do and just do it.


What have you done recently to improve your life?  

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