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By:    On: 2012-05-03

 We all go through life in a hamster ball. Yes, I mean one of those plastic balls you put a hamster in and let them run about the house as you laugh at the dogs go nuts sniffing it and jumping away when it moves. Ok back to seriousness.

Don't believe me? Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes, take another deep breath. Now stop and think for a moment. Picture your self walking around in a big huge bubble. There is nothing inside this bubble but you. The bubbles of your immediate family members; such as wife and kids may join or even merge with your bubble but each of them are inside their own bubble.

Now stop and think for a moment can you fully control anything outside of your bubble? No you cant. You can only influence what is out side of you bubble, but you can control and change everything inside of your bubble. You can tell your kids what to do, but that does not mean they will do it. They may do it because they don't want to get into trouble, but they made that choose not you. Hey wait a minute, but I tell myself to do things all the time but end up not doing it. Well that was your choose, you have the power to decided what you do. That means your will to not to do it was stronger then your will to do it. Yet you can change your own will, you can not change your kids will, but you surley can influence them to change their will.

Stop trying to change others and micro manage everything it just stress you out and you never feel like your in full control. Instead change yourself and influence everything else. Once you let go, the more at peace you will be with yourself and the world around you. I bet you will even be surprised at how much easier things will get done.

How do I do this you ask. Simple go through life like you are living in a great big hamster ball. Then you will always remember what you can control and change and let everything else be or influence it in some way.

With that I would like to suggest this will be great time to influence a great charity by either volunteering or making a donation. Remember what comes around goes around.

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