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By:    On: 2012-05-01

 Did you know time does not really exist? I know I know you are pointing at the clock on your computer, your watch, on your phone, in your dvr, on the wall, and the alarm clock saying hey wait a minute what do you mean.

Time is man made, to define the passage of time. See I can't even define it without using the word. Just like measurements were invented by man to define the size of something. They both have an importance to us to in helping explain to others what we mean. How else could we say it takes, so and so, long to cook a certain dish or to drive to the store. But yet does time really exists else where, how about in to cosmos. Yes I know scientist have shown planets, stars, moons, comments, orbits etc have a time related interval. Yet, is this just us assigning meaning where none was intended?

Think about it this way in school you read a book and then the teacher asks what do you think the author meant when they said xyz. I bet nine times out of ten the author put less thought into that phrase then you did. Why is it we are always looking for the hidden meanings, where there are none, rather then just going through this adventure called life.

So what do you think does time really exist? Or is it like words in the dictionary, which are terms people invented to make it easier to communicate with each others? Imagine if we had to decipher grunts.

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