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By:    On: 2012-04-02

Here are some Native American Games your kids may enjoy playing while in camp.


Some American Indians used Stick Dice, which are two-sided pieces of decorated wood, bone, or horn. We will make ours out of popcycle sticks! Decorate one side in all red and the other side in all black.

EASY DIRECTIONS: Two players both throw their dice (or take turns with one set) One player gets a point for each red side that lands up and the other for black

ADVANCED SCORING: Two players take turns throwing one set of sticks Players score on his turn:
3 Black Up 3 Points
3 Red Up 2 Points
2 Black + 1 Red 1 Points
2 Red + 1 Black 0 Points
The first player to 20 points wins.

The original game used a hollow bone and a sharp stick. We will use a pencil and jar ring. Tie the jar ring to the pencil using about 24" string. Holding the pencil in one hand, "throw" the ring into the air by using rapid upward movements. Try to spear the ring with the pencil.

Just like kids today, Native American children enjoyed relay races. They would use their bodies and things that they had. Try a kick the stick or blow the feather relay. Can you gallop like a horse or belly crawl like a snake?

Use the inside ring of a sewing hoop (you can get at Walmart) and two pencils, rods or sticks per player.The first player crosses pencils inside the hoop and pulls them apart. The hoop will fly off. The other player tries to catch the hoop on his pencil and throws it back using the same method.

Using a stick or dowl rod, try to keep a hula hoop rolling upright. See how far you can go or use as relay race! Can you roll it down a hill? How about UP a hill? 

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