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By:    On: 2012-03-27

I can hear you asking what does this have to do with camping. My answer is it doesn't. Keep in mind RoadCEO is about camping and running a business from the road. This post of curse relates to running a business from the road.

Consider hiring one or more remote works to help you. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. There are many sites such as odesk where you can find overseas workers that work for only a few dollars an hour. In many cases they turn out to be great workers and do a good job. However be warned there are even more who overstate there abilities, or start the project to only vanish a short time later. Take your time when hiring someone, be sure you know what their skills are and get a feel for their personalities. I have even seen some employers that either test new workers or have a short one week to one month trial period to see how well they work out.

Personally I deal with both sides of this cycle. I do freelance web development work, but also have hired workers to help me with my own projects. There has been a handful of times when I pick up a new client to find out they hired me because they have had a number of problems with several overseas workers they previously tried. In some cases its just incomplete code, over stating their abilities, and other times they may have just vanished.

Don’t let me scare you as I started off saying there are many great remote workers out there. You just have to make sure you hire the right person, source your tasks to them in the right way, ensure they understand what you need done, and make sure you are available especially at the start to answer questions. Check in often at least once a day to ensure the work they are doing is up to par. Adjust instruction, farther train, etc as needed.

Also do your research understand the difference between cultures hiring an American, British, Fillipno, Indian, and Russian are all different. At the same time the poorer the country generally the cheaper the labor will be, but also in some case the greater the risk of problems. Its like the rule I once heard about making money the greater the risk the greater the potential return.

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