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By:    On: 2012-01-12

I sit in an old wooden chair under an old street lamp
With its dimly glowing light
Illuminating the scenes before me
It glows like a thousand firebugs floating above my head

The sound of water roars by
The night sky twinkles above my head
Sounds of birds chirp in my ear
A peaceful clarity fills my soul
As if the water is washing all my stress away

Closing my eyes I see myself
Floating down a peaceful river
In a bright red canoe
The oars are floating some where behind me
Long forgotten as the stream
Does the work to propel me forward
I am at mercy of its flow
As if I am a train and the stream my tracks

Along the banks I see people waving at me
The river takes me to them
We chat and enjoy a nice meal together
Then the river carries me away
I growl as I am not ready to move on
But I have to trust that the river knows best

The water carries me on
To a destination unknown
Yet I am peaceful in mind
As I know everything I need
The river will bring to me
When the time is right

I open my eyes and find
I am still sitting in the old wooden chair
With the old street lamp glowing above my head
After a long content sigh
I sit back enjoying nature’s show before me

Written by Scott Robertson Nov 15 20 

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