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By:    On: 2012-02-21

I own a small SUV with a low tow rating of only 2,000 pounds. I have had a very hard time trying to find a camp trailer that weighs less than that amount and still has some room to move around. I have also noticed that many of these small, ultra-light trailers - such as the tear drops and A-Liners and even some small tent trailers - come with a bit of a hefty price tag. As a result I started playing around with the idea of getting a small cargo trailer and decking out the inside of it.

The idea is pretty simple: create a shelf out of plywood for a mattress to sit on and gear to slide under it in boxes. There would be a fold-down table that opens up across the bed. Above the bed would be shelves which would hold plastic drawer units with something in place to keep the drawers shut when going down the road. Also under the bed would be a place for the battery bank, few 5 gallon water jugs, and the port-a-potty. Mounted to the ceiling would be battery-powered lights so that they don't have to be wired to the battery bank.

The kitchen would just be my tent camping kitchen; I would pull out the kitchen box, set everything up outside, etc. Keep in mind when I say outside I really mean some kind of screen tent that has a door on each side so it can be sit up against the trailer - almost like an extra room.

Here are some example I found that I thought I would share. As you will see you can go as crazy or as simple as you like.

A youtube video of The BOONDOCKER - Cargo / Camping / Bug Out Trailer

Stealth Cargo Trailer By Randy Vining




Do you have any great ideas for such a camp trailer? Do you have such a trailer? Please share you thoughts, ideas, etc with us.


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