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By:    On: 2012-01-09

 Many of you have noticed our logo in the top left hand corner of the site and have  I will attempt to answer those questions for you.

Gripper came about one day while I was tossing out logo ideas to a friend. After listening to me for a while, my friend came up with the idea for the tire and at that moment Gripper was born. We dreamed up the rest of him, giving him a bit of an upscale punk feel, kind of a cross between a motorcycle dude and a business CEO.

Take a look at Gripper in this larger image. Notice he is a tire wearing a business shirt that is partly unbuttoned and flapping in the wind - see his tie is flying, his red sun glasses and blue tooth headset? Gripper spends his days exploring the countryside, where ever the road may lead him. When he stops he may only stop for a night or maybe a few months, but while he is there he not only explores what that area has to offer - he also performs his duties as the CEO of RoadCEO.

Let us know why you think of our quirky CEO/logo by commenting below.
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