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By:    On: 2012-01-09

Ever wish you could find a multi purpose, eco friendly cleaner that actually worked and was actually eco friendly? Well now you can stop looking for - and stop buying - those expensive cleaners because we have a great solution for you!

One part vinegar to two parts water (I prefer apple cider and white do to its 5% plus acidic base) works as well as commercial products at killing germs. For light cleaning it is also as good, but for tougher messes it doesn't do as well. The recipe listed below is much better for that purpose. I have actually used this recipe and have found it to be the best stove degreaser that I have ever used as well.

2 cups water
1/3 cup vinger
1-2 spoons (like you eat with) baking soda
1 spoon dishwashing soap (use a few drops of camp suds to be even more eco-friendly)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Use a rag and scrubber and it will clean any mess you throw at it.

Vinger and Water in a spray bottle as makes a great window and shiny surface cleaner that will rival any commercial product. Pair it with lint-free coffee cleaners or a reusable microfiber cleaning cloth for a great result.

One warning: vinegar can attract some animals and insects; depending upon where you are exploring this method may not be a option.

Don't just take my word for it - put it to the test and comment on your results below. 

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