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By:    On: 2010-05-08

This is a pet peeve of mine... I am getting real tired of walking into a store and seeing open products discarded on the store shelves. I see this often with things like soda and candy, and I would guess at least 25% of the time the item is only partially used. It may seem like a small thing, but it isn't lets assume just 5 people does this every day and that the product is just a mere $1.50 each.

Ok so thats 365*5=1,825and now times that by $1.50 and we get $2,737.50 stolen in just soda and candy at one store over the year. Now how many countless stores have this problem, in how many different cities. The number I am sure quickly grows into hundreds of millions of dollars.

We all know that because of this theft rate stores are being forced to make all there products more expensive. They use the new funds to recover the cost of lost product, but also to hire people who's job it is to prevent the loss in the first place. This means their salary, tools of the job, door scanners, camera, etc all now has to be past on to us the consumer.

Lets all be honest and help keep costs down. 

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