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By:    On: 2010-06-04

Here are ten tips for ways to get your kids outside

1 - Lets Eat Outside

Who can resist a picnic? A hunk of bread with warm water - mmmm... No matter what it is it just tastes better outside.

2 - There Is Treasure To Be Found

What is more fun then to find something? You can find stuff just by walking around and keeping your eyes open, or by using something like a metal detector. You can look for real treasure, or wondrous treasure such as plants and animals. Maybe you claim your prize by taking pictures of it.

3 - Play Games

Go to a park or any where outside for that mater and play games and have loads of fun.

4 - Go Exploring

Go on a hike, wonder off to see something amazing and wonderful. Just be prepared, know your limits, and take the proper essentials with you...

5- Cook Ove A Fire

This does take some skill and knowledge, but can be fun and rewarding. You can even cook using no utensils such as baccon and eggs in a paper bag, or even foil packs (wrap a beef patty, some potato, carrots, onion, etc in tin foil with some seasoning and a splash of water. Cook in coals for about 20-30 mins, flip over and cook for 20-30 mins more and it should be ready to eat.)

6 - Something to Climb On

Here’s your shoes, let’s climb that rock. How do I get up there? How do I balance? I don’t want smooth plastic or metal. Give me something from nature, with nooks and crannies, texture, lichen even. I love rock walls, stream banks, tree trunks, grassy hills. I’m behind you.

7 - Gaze At The Sky

Watch the clouds float by, the birds soar high over head, or even gaze at the stars.

8- See Water Sparkle

Sunshine and water are a winning combination. A watering can, a hose, a bucket, a bowl, an old basin or pan, cups, ladles, feet, hands, creeks, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, boats, floats, fountains, waterfalls, I touch and watch them all.

9 - You Can’t Catch Me

Maybe I can run like the wind through that park, field or prairie, fly a kite, watch a bird soaring, find shapes in the clouds and wish I could touch them. You could even pretend to be various anmials.

10 - Want to Be With You

Open the door and go outside. I want to be with you – I’ll follow. Who’s that special person I want to be with? Or am I the person others want to be with? Give me a choice – chores or outdoors. Suddenly I found my shoes!

Hope this list offers you some ideas and inspiration. I welcome your thoughts and additions... please add them in the comments section below... 

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