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By:    On: 2011-10-28

I am supposed to write today’s post about how to stay pretty on the road.  I am having a really hard time doing that, mostly because no one ever “stays” pretty on road trips – unless (a) they are traveling in an RV or (b) they are one of those people who is always beautiful no matter what they do or where they are.  Now, for the rest of us….

Keeping clean on the road is relatively simple.  Make full use of rest stops when you get to one.  Freshen up by running a brush through your hair and splashing some water on your face.  Change your clothes and/or shoes if it makes you feel more comfortable.  Make sure you keep unscented, alcohol-free baby wipes in the car at all times; use them to wipe your hands, face, neck…anything that gets to feeling a bit grimy.  A word to the wise:  Don’t wear makeup on road trips.  I’m not telling you not to bring it – by all means, if wearing makeup is a comfort zone for you, don’t deny yourself that.  I am only saying not to wear it on the trip to wherever you’re going.  None of the people you run into on the road trip will ever see you again and it’s a safe bet at least half of them look as road-haggard as you do. Besides, it’s not good for your skin.  Adding road dust and grime to makeup will just clog your pores, age your skin…and eventually make your face the exact opposite of pretty.

I would like to warn you against the scented stuff – especially if you’re going to be camping.  Ditch the scented soaps, perfumes, deodorants and the like.  The scents often do attract bees, mosquitoes, gnats…all manner of pesky bugs.  I have heard (but I don’t know for certain) these scents also attract bears, ‘coons and possums too.  You’re going to the woods ladies, not the spa.  Spend the trip wearing the scent of campfire smoke and pine needles.  You might find you actually like it.

Happy (road tripping) camping!


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