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By:    On: 2011-10-24

My blogs posts almost always reference first aid kits in some way, shape or form.  As a mom of three kids I sometimes feel like I went to sleep one night as a pregnant lady and awoke the next morning as a nurse!  As much as kids (and adults) tend to get bruised, burnt, scraped up or even broken, a first aid kit should be priority number 1 on the packing list.  If you have a group of people to look after, your kit is likely going to consist of a ton of items encased within a plastic box of some sort.  That’s great – unless you’re all going off on a hike for a couple of hours or doing something that will not justify carrying that big box along with you.  In these cases, you will need personal first aid kits.

My kids love making these kits; they’re easy and can be a fun project to do on a rainy afternoon.  I gave instruction on making these kits in my Camp Kitchen: First Aid blog post.  You can view it here.

Remember, you can add or subtract whatever you need for your kit.  There’s no perfect way to do it except to make sure your family has what it needs for each individual.

Happy camping!


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