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By:    On: 2011-10-17

 My family is a group of avid campers, hikers and general outdoor people.  We love to be outside as much as possible, in all seasons, to enjoy the gifts and beauty nature has to offer.  Kids are naturally active and three of them will keep any parent on a constant “go” cycle.

My son was diagnosed 10 years ago with critical asthma.  He takes a daily pill and 2 daily doses from an inhaler; he also has an emergency inhaler, extra steroids and an Epi pen that goes with us everywhere we go.  A few months ago I was diagnosed with Type one diabetes.  I have to check my blood sugar 6-7 times a day and I inject insulin four times a day.  Thankfully the other members of our family are healthy, but these illnesses can present a bit of a challenge when we go on outings.  It’s difficult but not impossible.

The thing to remember when traveling, camping, or doing anything else which takes us away from home is to be prepared.  Simple concept, right?  Every trip we take includes a first aid kit – as every trip should – so it’s a no-brainer to include our meds, insurance cards and a list of our medical issues and medications.  It only takes a few extra minutes to put this stuff in a container and pack it with the kit.  Of course, if you will need to take any meds while traveling, say, in the case of a road trip, you will want to make sure those meds are readily accessible.

Admittedly, my insulin injections so pose a small issue – mostly in the area of hygiene – but even that’s not something that can’t be overcome.  I use insulin pens – as opposed to vials and hypodermic needles – and the needles for the pens are disposable, screw-on tips.  The pens don’t need to be refrigerated, but I know diabetics who travel with a small insulated lunch bag to keep their insulin cold.  Portable alcohol wipes are great for sterilizing injection areas; a small coffee can is perfect for disposing any needles, used test strips, etc.

My point is that we have illnesses – our illnesses don’t have us.  Your illness shouldn’t have you, either.  Why let being sick keep you unhealthy?  Spend a few extra minutes preparing around your illness and you can go out and be just as active as anyone who doesn’t have health issues to contend with.  The only difference between you (us) and them is that you are a bit more of a fighter.

So what are you waiting for?  Pack up your meds and meet me outside.  It’s okay, go ahead.  I’ll wait for you.  Don’t forget the extra batteries if you’re on a monitor or pump. 

Happy camping!


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