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By:    On: 2011-10-12

It never ceases to amaze me how many of my women friends refuse to go camping unless the campsite is a room in a hotel with fluffy towels, a big, soft bed and a restaurant in the parking lot.  The thought of going without makeup, a hair dryer and air conditioning makes them shudder.  And you should see the looks I get when they learn I actually enjoy cooking outdoors!  I might as well have told them I like diving into volcanos with my arms tied behind my back.


The thing about camping that most non-campers don’t understand is that it can be as comfortable – or not – as people make it.  If you want a bed, bring a bed.  Get an air mattress and bring a feather bed for it.  If you need air conditioning…ok, a breeze isn’t air conditioning, but many tents now come with fans.  And there are also battery operated fans if you’re at a campsite which doesn’t provide electricity to support standing fans. 


And here’s the thing – you CAN bring your makeup, hair dryer, hot rollers…whatever else from your bathroom you need to have for personal comfort – as long as it will fit in your car.  Most camp grounds provide bath houses with normal toilets and hot/cold running water and private showers.  There are usually vanity areas so we ladies can still sneak off into the bathroom at the break of dawn and “put our faces on”. 


For the record, I’m not much into makeup.  I’m a jeans-and-ponytail kind of girl.  I don’t mind getting dirty and I actually love the way my hair smells after a good campfire.  That being said, I do understand why some ladies need to have their creature comforts.  I would probably go insane if I couldn’t bring my lap top, cell phone or iPad on camping trips.  So, with that thought in mind, to each his (her) own.  I just wish I could take all these ladies on a trip with me just to show them they can still be pretty and comfortable while outdoors.  It really is possible.


And so, to all my lady friends who avoid the outdoors like the plague, I challenge you: come spend a weekend camping with me.  Bring everything you like about your home that you need to be comfortable.  I will show you how to be pampered outdoors and you will have a great time.  I’ll even bring the wine.



Happy camping!


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