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By:    On: 2011-10-05

8 glasses a day.  Boiling point.  Cleaning up.  Water.  Let’s face it – no matter what activity you’re enjoying, you’ll need water at some point.  Camping is no exception.


When we go camping we keep two containers for water: one for drinking and cooking and one for cleaning.  We always camp at sites which provide running water, but I prefer to store our water in containers, mostly because it prevents water waste but also because I don’t like the silt that comes out of the tap.  But I digress….


Our drinking/cooking water is stored in a large round cooler with a spout – much like what you might find at a sporting event.  The spout is great for the kids because it makes for easy pouring and the container is 5 gallons so we only have to fill it a couple of times during each trip.  I have also used it as a weight in high-wind thunderstorms.


We have a 3 gallon collapsible bladder in which we keep water for cleaning.  It’s very cool; it flattens as the water is used up.  We like to collect rainwater in a pot and fill this bladder with it; since the water will be boiled anyway for cleaning it makes sense to use natural resources when we can.  As I said, the water for cleaning needs to be heated to boiling to ensure sterility before cleaning with it.  Please take care with the temperature. 


What tools do you use for water storage?  Do you prefer to sanitize your water?  Please drop me a line and let me know!


Happy camping,


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