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By:    On: 2011-09-08



Irene from Space!

     ""You have 4 hours to evacuate for any number of reasons ranging from the “Willow Fire” to “Hurricane Irene”. The reasons for mandatory evacuation can make a long very long list. What should be considered is not the reasons, but how would you make the best of the time to ensure you have everything? Remember there is no going back. When it comes to your well being, and the well being of your family, you can not assume your residence will still be there for you to come back to. So how would you best utilize a 4 hour window to evacuate? When it comes to the possible need to evacuate, you can not rely on a level of government to instruct you; it is better to make the choice for yourself and stay ahead of the pack!""

Go to:

          This is part of a ad that I am placing on criagslist to consult people one on one for being prepared for the unexpected. Now full knowing that there is over 311,000,000 Americans, and there is no way for me to help everyone so let me encourage you to take these most recent events as good reasons to prepare yourself. Apply effort to yourself so if you get into a bad situation you have already made good of it. 

          Now to help you get a start go to and apply this by getting started today! There are matters that can be put off till later, and then there matters like this. There are people having to leave there residence in very short notices all to often, so short that there is no time to go to the store for something, especially when you should already have it.

     There is tons of information on the internet, and I know this can be a daunting task (speaking from personal experience) so here is my personal email for any Also do not be shy to ask questions in the comment section below because that is a great place to put them. When you have a question often times someone else has the same question ;) .


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