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By:    On: 2011-08-23

I recently took a 1,200-mile roadtrip with a friend starting in Las Vegas and traveling to Albuquerque. We began our trip at a local grocery store to pick up the majority of our groceries; our plan was to use a camp stove to make most of our meals, cutting down on travel costs.

We took the new bridge which bypasses the Hoover Dam; it shaved 30 minutes off of our drive and is two lanes of 65mph traffic. The bridge also cuts the curvy roads out of the trip and disguises the drive over the Colorado River which is great for those who don’t like crossing bodies of water.

We arrived in Albuquerque, NM and checked into our hotel. There are tons of parks, museums, and things to do in the area, not to mention several really cool parks along the Rio Grande River alone. We stayed two days in Albuquerque before ending our trip with another 9 hour drive back to Vegas.

 I’m a big fan of trees – it was really hard for me to not end my journey by tying myself to a tree when we passed through the Williams/Flagstaff area. Hopefully I will be able to return to this area and spend a few days exploring this area and rediscovering the places I went as a kid on family camping trips.

And now for a small rant about other drivers ….
Some of them just plain drive me nuts. Some of them are in such a hurry they have to race past everyone else at 20mph over the speed limit, weaving in and out of cars, cutting people off, etc. Why can’t they just calm down and take a breath or two? They aren’t saving much time but they ARE making the roads a far more dangerous place, not just with their speed and reckless driving, but also through the effect they have on other drivers’ nerves. Also, if they must talk on their phones, why can’t they drive with a wireless headset? Myth Busters found that found talking on your cell even hands free is actually more dangerous than drinking and driving. If they need to text and have someone else in the car with them, they should have their passenger do the texting for them or pull over and come to complete stop, do their texting or chat and then continue on their way. I’m pretty sure they don’t really want to kill a child or the parent of one? And please, oh please, dear drivers, take note: auto manufacturers recently installed a very cool tool so other drivers know when a turn is about to be made. It’s called a TURN SIGNAL! Neat, right?!? Please locate your vehicle's turn signal and USE it.  We all thank you.

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