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By:    On: 2011-08-28

There are many instances in history showing famous works being produced in unexpected places. Book One of the Harry Potter series was written in a coffee shop; Hemingway enjoyed writing in Paris, Africa and Spain. Although I am by no means famous, I too have a special place I like to go for a bit of calm and peace.

I like to go to the garden at Sam’s Town Casino in my hometown of Las Vegas. It is a small, indoor garden complete with waterfalls, plants…all the sounds of nature. It is about as Zen a place as one can find inside the bustle of Vegas.

I find the sounds of the water relaxing and conducive to creativity and innovation. Because I am a natural night owl, I prefer to go in the middle of night. Traveling the 20 or so minutes to the garden a few times a month is common for me.

It’s important to have a place you can call your own. A little slice of calm just for you – be it a garden in the middle of a casino, under a special tree in your backyard or a patch of sand near your favorite pier – can work wonders on the psyche.

Where is your special place of respite?

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