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By:    On: 2011-06-20

Are your campers afraid of getting their hands dirty? Are your campers too saucy for camping? That is a real dilemma since camping is one of the major and important activities when you’re a scout. It teaches you a lot of things such as surviving in the wilderness with few available tools, socializing, teamwork, and a lot more. But how could you initiate a camping activity if your campers are like the ones I’ve mentioned? They’re too stuck up with their city life to give it up and try living in the wilderness for a day or so. Let’s face it; camping might not sound appealing especially to campers who are too comfortable in the city because of its rough nature. Yes, when you picture camping, there are bugs, storms, dirt, mud, wild animals and also debatable food in the picture. This picture may not be pleasant for some of the first-time campers and some of the city kids. But do not fear because there is one alternative to camping that will surely appeal to kids of this type: Glamping.


What is glamping? Yes, it’s a very unusual word but you can already see the meaning from the term itself: glamorous camping. From there, we can say that it is camping with style. The idea of glamping may have originated from models, actors, and actresses on how they live during outdoor concerts. Seeing them, rich people began to wonder on how they will enjoy the outdoors without experiencing any of the discomforts it goes with. Because of this, some groups began to offer these people an opportunity to camp out in the wilderness without any of the negatives and thus glamping was born.


Glamping is definitely an activity to be considered when dealing with campers who would like to camp without the insect bites or bad weather. Glamping adds comfort to your trip because of the equipment you get to use outdoors: high tech barbecue grill, electronic fire, or even a microwave if you need it. Huh? Electricity in the woods? Yes, most tents used in glamping provide electricity and even running water. So you get to use some appliances even when you’re in the woods. Because of the comfort you get in glamping, it’s as if you’ve brought a small piece of your home in the wilderness. You get to be under the stars, smelling the fresh pine cone scent yet you are grilling your barbecue using electricity or even cooking your food with a microwave under your own tent.


Despite of its luxurious aspect, it still offers activities that campers get to do in traditional camping. You still get to hike, surf, climb a tree, or plunge in a river in glamping. The difference is that glamping also considers the comfort of the camper which includes the food, venue, and equipment used. In some, tents used even have its own bathroom. There are even camping sites that offers glamping. These sites offer built-in tents with great accommodations, some even comparable with what a hotel offers. In this kind of style, camping is more comfortable. It may even be more exciting.


Glamping gathered positive response. Campers get to experience camping and commune with nature in a whole new perspective, without the bug bites to bug them. No rich kid could resist the idea of waking up smelling pine cones and leaves, seeing a beautiful sunrise through the woods, and listen to the birds chirping after a good night sleep in a very comfortable bed.


So now you know glamping, you can now offer picky scouts a camping experience of the lifetime. Just search for camping sites that offer glamping, but I have to tell you, it’s definitely not the cheapest way to camp out. Despite of this, it is an activity worth trying. Glamping is perfect for kids, scouts, and campers who wouldn’t give up a life outside the comforts of the city. So, let’s pack our bags, call a glamping site, and go glamping!

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