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By:    On: 2011-05-09

Chain to the Load on your BAck

Then there is the manner of the self-punishment that we inflict upon ourselves that we mask as something like it being a need, responsibility, etc. This can be a point that is easily argued, but hear me out first. As I was in deep prayer, I was directed to look towards my bags and thought of the weight, for they are very heavy. I am a large person who can carry the load, but as I was in prayer it was then  I understood that was punishing myself by carrying a heavy load, like a large stone on your shoulders.  Everything in my bags was essential, but it was in the manner of having extra items like having two rolls of wire at 250’ each  for “snare traps” instead of just one. To tell you the truth it is hard to describe, but it is like you carrying your world on your back, and many of us are carrying too much. When you go backpacking you are carrying your world, and this is essentially, what you are doing all the time. The difference is with living in the city is of course your car/truck/van want fit on your back, but you are still carrying it regardless. With all the material things in your possession how much of it is truly needed? How much is really just extra weight? I have become more aware that people are conditioned into believing that they are in need of something to a beverage from Star Bucks to bigger items such as a house, car, or boat. People are given great incentives to buy items like cars, but ultimately it ends up being another weight on your back. You see this is one of many ways people are being controlled, which only causes you to be further disconnect from having attention within yourself for  a “internal dialogue” with God.  I will strongly encourage you to consider what is going on in your World, and intentionally with satisfaction begin to make the choices that will cause you to “lean” your World. The leaner you make it, the freer you will Feel. Trust Your Inner Guidance for that inner Light that is from the Greatest Light that we call God.

Walk by Faith not Sight

Now finally yet importantly there is the understanding that I learned as to what it means to “Walk by Faith and not by Sight”. All of us of heard of this, but what does it truly mean? I can answer this question like this. When you receive direction from God allow that “thought” to fill your mind, or in other words place your focus on that “thought” and only that “thought”. I received just a thought while I was deep prayer and I know it is one of those thoughts from the immediate Peace that I experienced for not only the first time “hearing” it, but also every time I would repeat the “thought” in my mind. The thought was,” IN THREE DAYS GO BACK”, and I bowed my head in obedience, agreence, and acknowledgement because it was a command full of compassion. I will ask you to keep in mind that I had no intention of coming back to the “city” at least not anytime soon, but I am not one to argue with my Father. What I meant that I walked away from the city, you name it I did it, I let go of absolutely everything to place Father first in my life, first of my Focus. In short what is spoken about in scripture, this is what I did with the only difference being is the bag on my back and the knife on my belt.

One final note, in my prayer I also experience the history of my life and the weight that I could no longer carry. How heavy it was to cause me to fall to my knees unable to take a another step. I made a statement of omission,” Jesus, how could you carry the world’s sins when I cannot carry my own life? I am rages, and You are riches! I need you!” then with a great yell I called out “FATHER!”

You see I had to come to point in my life to where I was literally unable to take another step, after wards my legs where made strong again when I came to the understanding that I can nothing without God. No matter how great of a man that I may think I am, or intelligent, wise, compassionate in comparison I am nothing. It is by Father that I breath.

Breath as a Child

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