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By:    On: 2011-04-23

 Good day, everyone. 

Let's talk about Earth Day on April 22nd, 2011 and illustrate some points that we don't know or have forgotten its purpose and importance. As humans, we live our lives mostly feeling that "other people will take care of it". I don't want to do the dishes. Oh well, Mom will eventually do it. The district manager won't allow any additional handicap parking for reasons unknown but it still passes off to someone else to do something or complain. There are always ways to create situations and not take responsibility later. Think about the life cycles of humans, animals, nature, weather, environment, energy, etc.Imagine for a moment your life without those resources. How would you live and would you be fulfilled. 

When the natural cycle of life becomes impaired in quality, functioning, or condition, the cycle becomes out of place like a unfinished puzzle, where each piece is necessary to complete. It is up to humans to correct these cycles but learning, and educating others, by volunteering at various not-profit organizations with your time to truly know the meaning of the purpose and to be able to actively participate. Parents! Talk to the principal at your kids school and ask to create a couple community projects such as gardening, composting, recycling, ways to conserve and reserve school supplies just to give
you a few ideas. 
Hey! That is a good idea fore any one to use. Do you work in an office? What ways can you think of to CONSERVE AND RESERVE

According to the Earth Day page on Wikipedia; "the holiday was born when United States Senator Gaylord Nelson taught environmental teach-in, the year 1970.Then which led to a different individual by the name Denis Hayes to create an US organization that solely worked on, Earth awareness, projects, and events. In 1990, Earth Day became international and now operates in 175 countries."   I thought those were quite impressive factoids to include here. 


The strongest way to save energy is to switch to Energy Star appliances. In some states, the energy company gives a bonus as a thanks to those helping conserve the earth. This comes in either a check or discount on the next bill.

Everyone has preferences over soaps, detergents, and cleaning products in relation to scents, cost, brand, quality of product, and the ingredients put into the products exposed to your family. Indeed, most prefer one brand over the other but I still encourage you to try Seventh Generation (sold at CVS, Whole Foods, Target, among other retailers) products which produces Earth-Friendly household, laundry, baby, and personal products. The construction of the products encourages other companies to use Go-Green procedures.  


When shopping be cautious choosing brands you haven't used before. Read directions if applicable. And, kindly be aware of anything that possibly could be allergic to you or your family. 

Switch to a Low Flow Toilets & Low Head Shower Heads. It can save 20,000 gallons per year! Routinely check for leaks on property and correct them immediately. Limit your showers to several times a week or at least washing your hair which takes longer and consumes more water. Use low-emission vehicles if possible. Recycle your plastics, and newspapers. Try to get your workplace to recycle.

Beyond the scope of what is in our reach many life-cycles such as animals and nature depend on us to feed them, appreciate them, give them love, and show nurturing. We must preserve what we have, else we will not have it any more. Where will future generations sleep tonight? 



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