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By:    On: 2011-04-28

I think you’ll agree with me, safety pins are definite lifesavers. And by “lifesavers” I mean, literally. But in a quick moment let’s think of a myriad of ways we use safety pins as a result of our natural craftiness and, innate ingenuity and coming down to just simple practicality. We don’t want our ole’ cousin safety pins to feel neglected.

Now here is a list of 25 things people are utilizing the humble safety pin for practical purposes to the surprisingly “not your everyday use of safety pins”, and in some rare occasions, it may have been your only hope of escape from a dreadful unanticipated situation, you’ll see.

We’ll start with some uses when traveling outdoors.

1.    When camping and you like using sheets for comfort when sleeping on your camping mat you can use safety pins to keep your sheets pinned in place. This way so you don't wake up in the morning sleeping on something you don't like.

2.   Fix a broken zipper.

3.    Close a rip in your clothes

4.    Close your tent when the zipper breaks

5.    Emergency Fish Hook

6.    Eventually when you are in the outdoors you will need to wash some garments. You can use the good old safety pin as clothespins to hang your clothes up.

7.    A mosquito net often gets a hole as it begin to wear out, the good news is you can repair the hole with a safety pin.

8.    Tack your pants to keep you pant legs closed, therefore sneaky insects or mosquitoes cannot fly inside.

9.    When walking barefoot for hours roll up your pants and pin them with a safety pin so the pants do not come unrolled.

10.  When you’re not careful you may find yourself getting splinters and thorns in your finger. A safety pin can sure help remove that sliver. Sterilize the tip and use it to remove the thorn or splinter. A safety pin is always safer and easier to carry than needles.

11.  When you found yourself In the wilderness not knowing where north is, a safety pin can be magnetized and used as a compass. You can magnetize the a safety pin by running a magnet up and down it a few times. Then stick the pin through a small piece of cork and float it in a small cup of water. The safety pin should spin around and point to the magnetic north or magnetic south, depending on where you live.

12.  Sometimes it really pays to be organized. In order to prevent things from getting separated or lost (like pairs of socks or gloves), keep them together by pinning each sock or each glove to its partner.

13.  When you are traveling with a youngster you can use a large safety pin to attach your baby’s pacifier to his clothes. Just make sure to use plastic coated pins.

14.  When you lose a button, use a safety pin in its place.

15.  You may find yourself needing to make a small hole on paper, plastic or any other material. Use the tip of the safety pin as a puncher and make small holes.

16.  Are your pants too tall for your legs? Let’s say your jeans are a few inches from your soles. Hemming your good old jeans with safety pins is the way to go. Here is a link that might help you.

17.  Static Fix. Static cling-Static cling happens when two things with opposite charges touch. Dryness causes electrons to travel from one material to another. With electricity, like charges repel, unlike charges attract. With static cling, the attraction occurs when one item has a negative charge while the other positive. Ok it’s when you suddenly get that funny little jolt wearing your pantyhose under your favorite slacks. Solution. Pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip and you will not have a clingy skirt or dress.

18.  Use safety-pin-escape to escape your kidnappers. CNN reports a 13-year old child who escapes his kidnappers after being left bound and gagged in a remote patch of Florida countryside and used a safety pin, a stick and his teeth to free himself from captivity. So to cut the story short, the boy knowing that the safety pin would come in handy, he put it in his mouth and when the kidnapper left him with his hands duct taped, he spit the safety pin and began picking at the duct tape until it loosen. It took him an hour before finally being able to flee to safety.

Okay, now, I came up short in my supposed to be list of 25 uses for the safety pins. And I know that there are other uses of pins that I missed. Help me complete the list and put in some good comments below describing your experiences while traveling and that at some point along the way something happened, and you can only reach for your good ole’ cousin safety pins to help you out.

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