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By:    On: 2011-04-26

Down the road of self reflection


Now back to what I was saying, it was by the means of my “internal dialogue” that I understood my actions for going into the desert could not be based off conditions that are always changing for they are always are in motion. That my choice needed to be of something much more stable and consistent which of course would be God for who is the Alpha and Omega beginning and the end, the same today as He was yesterday. My motivation was for my relationship between Father, and myself and all other concerns became secondary.  But I will say that hearing the reports of growing hostilities towards Israel did give me more confidence of myself being lead, and me not leading myself. What is the difference you may ask? The difference is that you are in alignment with the “Will of God” by the state of mind of humility and peace, versus when you are leading yourself there is ego (personal drive) and conflict resulting from self-imposed choices.

To move along with three lessons that I learned while side stepping the details of what I did for seven days.( This may not seem a long time but it is longer when you plan on not coming back to society.)

The restless mind

First, stopping making choices that are result from the motivation of unsatisfaction but instead make choices resulting from satisfaction. Many times, we make choices because of not being satisfied with a job, relationships, or even where we live. With not being satisfied as your focus will attract more situations to continue to not be satisfied.  Therefore, it is to be satisfied with whatever situation you are in before making any decision of change. Look for satisfaction in your situation, and use that as your motivation, so it is in this manner that your focus will be satisfaction thus attracting more situations to have satisfaction. This may seem to be a contradiction but it really is not, it is however a matter of seeing satisfaction in your situation and still have the desire to provide better for yourself. For all the parents out there, providing better for yourself is providing better for the children. This manner of thought is not one of being selfish but of one leading your children by you being a role model for them. Look forward to the future benefit, for your grandchildren.

Satisfaction with the grandchild


Thank You To All Roadceos.

Be Safe.

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