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By:    On: 2011-04-19



Lotus of blossom


Welcome again to All Roadceos, it is good to be writing again now that I have taken the time to release some tension that all of us are exposed to for living in the city. Yes the tension, or in other words the stress with living with the constant non-stop noise of traffic, airplanes, and the bombardment of Electrical Magnetic Fields (EMF) from all devices. To take a moment to explore this a little further get yourself a portable radio that receives am radio. Now place this radio next to a laptop then your cell phone, and pay attention to what you are hearing. You are hearing the frequencies that are being admitted from these and other devices, which can interfere with your body’s natural processes. This of course begins to take a toll on your body making it more challenging to complete day-to-day task. This is one reason why we enjoy the time spent outdoors because it gives the body time to recover the natural processes, thus providing healing and release. Therefore, I took the time to go backpacking in the AZ desert in looking for solitude for self -reflection. You see I have always been a spiritual person with a very active “internal dialogue” with in myself. I say this at the risk of sounding crazy, something of which I am not, but I am very “in tuned”. With all the Global and Local events happening, I held a very strong desire to spend time away from the city in exchange for greater clarity of this “internal dialogue” with in myself. It was my feeling that I had reached my maximum while living in the city, and it came time to take action that is similar to those in the Bible to include Gandhi. As I was working my way out of the city, people asked the question as to when I would come back. My response was, “I don’t know, I don’t plan to come back. I wait for direction from God.”

The Art of Nature Shows the Artist

(I want to take a moment to explain from my experience as to what God really is. God is your highest idea. This idea grows and takes substance the more time you spend for self reflections. As to what is “self reflection” try this exercise. Consider the position you are in now, and see yourself from the perspective of a person in the same room with you. Now with using your imagination consider what they see of you in your manner of dress, posture, and even speech; see yourself as others see you. After which now consider how God sees you. Again God is your highest idea (something that does vary from person to person) so seeing from God’s perspective is seeing yourself from your highest idea of yourself. I am not saying you are God, but that you are the source of your highest idea. From this truth, we humans are in the habit of expecting from God what fits into our personal idea, ignoring the fact that God is too expansive to be contained by our finite minds. There is also the truth that God is Love with countless ways of actively Loving us. As parents we do all we can for the fact that we Love our children, but a parent’s daily affairs are not contained by the wants and desires of our children; considered of course. A child does not direct the actions of a parent, just as much as our wants and desires do not direct the actions of God. When things seem to not go our way we commonly ask, “Why is God doing this” or “Why would God allow this”? As parents, we should be teaching our children accountability and responsibility, to not point the finger at somebody else. As adults, there are times we are “pointing the finger” by making God the blame, instead of taking responsibility and accountability for the choices we have made for ourselves. Father is responsible for giving us freedom of choice, and it is for us to have accountability as to how we use this gift.)

Now back to the path that I was on off with all I needed on my back, and a I small radio for music and to listen the news and more specifically the Glen Beck show starting at 12:30pm on 92.3 fm. I felt it was important for me to be able to hear what was going on with the World; to not only have the knowledge of recent events, but to also reassure my choice for leaving the city.

Take into consideration that I can “see” events taking shape before there is any presence of such event like Martial Law and fears being used as a means to justify such actions being taken to make it a reality. To put things into perspective, in Arizona there is the “Border Battle” so how hard would it be to place military personal all though out the area while using the issue of “illegal immigration” as a justification?  So the Border can be used as a cover, but in truth it would be to move personal in to positions to later enforce Martial Law and curfew. It would not be that hard considering people are already conditioned with fear. It is true that there is more activity is taking place that is said to be connected to the Drug Cartels, thus most people would accept such drastic action of military personal in the metro areas without asking “Why”.  It could even be done through the country with using the “Budget Crisis” as the reason to support such action. It would not be that hard to pass it off as a “cost savings measure” considering the military security forces are already trained and receiving a salary, thus the savings in comparison to the cost of hiring and training of additional police officers for cities, counties, and states that are already seriously out of budget. It is not that crazy when you really think about it. Am I say thing that many events on the local and World stage are rig and or choreographed like a WWE Wrestling Match, YES.

News Week Cover for Martial Law 

(Food for thought until next post, coming very soon.)

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