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By: webmaster       On: 2014-06-07

Camping has been a beloved activity since the early 20th century. In this age of technology and information, it is still nice to be able to get away and enjoy nature now and again. But things have changed. It is increasingly more difficult for individuals or families to just pick up and leave their technology behind for days at a time. It just isn't as practical as it once was. Fortunately technology and can form a convenient partnership allowing campers to go out and enjoy nature, and still have access...[More]

By: outdoorsygirl       On: 2014-06-05

It’s now full on summer and while driving to work or just running errands, I find myself noticing little paths. These “paths” can be hard to find if your eye isn’t looking, or just as easy as seeing an opening off the side of the road. Living in Maine I tend to drive a lot of back roads; and these are the roads with hidden treasures.I pulled my truck over and got out to look down an old logging road. The brush getting thicker as I stepped over a...[More]

By: outdoorsygirl       On: 2014-06-03

Cast iron makes a perfect heat conductor, providing consistent and even heat that lasts long after the “flame” has been applied. This metal is extremely durable and sturdy; lasting on the tough trails this was the cowboy’s favorite cooking tool. From Dutch oven’s to skillets these are carried and used by many out on the trails. Today you can purchase them pre-seasoned which takes out a lot of work. I use one at home as well to cook most everything. Cast iron pans do not need extra cooking oil; you...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-05-31

Solar Generator, what is it? Does it help us? In what way? Is it Eco friendly?Solar generator is a short term for solar panel. It is a set of panel that placed in high places so it can absorb the energy from the sun’s rays and convert the rays to energy that can be used to help power, gives partial power in your home, and even electrical needs. Solar generators can be used without human intervention. Solar is cleaner than electricity, unlike the coals or a gas fuel and solar...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-05-29

As camper I find it critical that my files go where I do and are always safe. What if I my laptop or tablet or phone gets stolen, dropped, wet, etc and stop working? I still need to be able to work and access my files regardless of where I am. What if you want to be able to access the same files on your computer, tablet and phone? Well I can when I save my files in the cloud by using google drive.The problem is I run the linux...[More]

By: webmaster       On: 2014-05-27

Knowing how to tie secure knots can be a critical skill in many pastimes and occupations. They must be able to tie and release knots quickly and tightly using knot forms that will secure heavy objects or withstand the force of different kinds of pull and impact on the rope.The overhand knot is the simplest type of knot and is used to make a knob in a rope, string, or cord. It is one of the most fundamental knots. It forms the basis of many other knots including simple noose,...[More]

By: webmaster      

Springdale is adjacent to Zion Canyon; pay showers, a small market, firewood, Laundromats, a limited medical clinic, and restaurants are available. Springdale can be reached from the campgrounds by car, foot, bicycle, or free shuttle.The hotel Quality Inn At Zion Park is ideally located just half a mile from Zion National Park entrance; a shuttle to the park is available. This Springdale, UT hotel is near many popular attractions, including Grafton Ghost town and the Springdale shops. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Kolob Canyon, Cedar Breaks National Monument...[More]

By: webmaster      

A quality sleeping bags will ensure you will stay cozy on the coldest nights. The following tips / advice will hopefully help you and make you aware of some of the nonces and guide you regardless if you already have a bag, planning to get one, or going to rent one. The first thing you need to consider is where and when you will be using the bag. You don't want to be in middle of the desert during the summer boiling or be in Alaska freezing.To prevent this, make...[More]

By: webmaster      

Solar power hasn’t quite crept into the average lifestyle yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it. There are many ways you can leverage solar power in your daily life. Several companies now offer solar-powered recharge stations that let you use the sun to power your portable electronics. Some are small enough to fit in your pocket and only generate enough electricity to recharge smaller devices like cell phones. Others are much larger and can provide electricity to power-hungry electronics like laptop computers.With these devices, you can recharge...[More]

By: webmaster      

Zion National Park has three campgrounds. South and Watchman Campgrounds are in Zion Canyon. The lava Point Campground is about a 1-hour drive from Zion Canyon on the Kolob Terrace Road. There are no campgrounds in Kolob Canyons.Camping is permitted in designated campsites, but not in pullouts or parking lots. Camping is popular; all campgrounds are often full by early afternoon on weekends and holidays. During June, July, and August, the campgrounds are full every night. Several private campgrounds are a short drive from the park.Zion Canyon CampgroundsSouth campground and...[More]

By: webmaster      

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; direction: ltr; line-height: 100%; widows: 2; orphans: 2; }P.western { font-family: "Calibri",serif; }P.cjk { font-family: "Calibri"; }P.ctl { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }Glamping is a growing global phenomenon that combines camping with the luxury and amenities of a home or hotel. It originated in the early 1900s from European and American travelers camping in Africa. The wealthy travelers did not want to give up the luxurious lifestyle while camping so their campsites included many of the comforts they were used at home. Whether...[More]

By: webmaster      

The two half-hitches is a type of knot, specifically a binding knot or hitch knot. It consists of an overhand knot tied around a post, followed by a half-hitch. It consists of a half-turn around a post followed by a clove hitch of the running end around the standing part. This knot is also referred to as a clove hitch over itself.Once you have tied two half hitches into your rope you will find that the knot will not collapse or come undone so easily. This hitch also forms the...[More]

By: webmaster      

Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah. A prominent feature of the 22-square-mile park is Zion Canyon, which is 15 miles long and up to half a mile deep, cut through the reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone by the North Fork of the Virgin River.Designed in 1919, Zion is Utah’s oldest national park. The park is known for its incredible canyons and spectacular views. Famous hikes including The Narrows, Subway, and Angels Landing attract adventure enthusiasts from around the world. Hiking possibilities are endless....[More]

By: webmaster      

Going back to ancient times, fires were used to cook, keep warm, gather, tell stories, make tools, dry pottery, etc. Why not in modern times build your own family gathering spot in the backyard? You could use it for cooking over an open fire, grilling, dutch oven cooking, and even just hang around it with your family and friends.Picture this... You and your family are sitting around a roaring campfire, talking, laughing, and having a grand time. As you watch some embers fly up into the air you gaze upon...[More]

By: webmaster      

Going RV camping is more popular now than before. Most RVs nowadays are built to be more resistant to cold weather conditions. However, if you want to take it in freezing conditions, you have to take some steps in order to winterize the RV. For example, water lines can freeze and are more likely to do so then pipes in our houses but rvs also have water, black and possibly brown tanks. An RV unit is a closed up space with people living in who breathe, cook, and shower.. The...[More]

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