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Silver Creek Landing

Created: 2019/05/22 07:53 PM         Last Updated: 2019/08/22 07:53 PM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Silver Creek Landing

Attraction Type: Boat Rides

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This Watchable Wildlife site is located at the Silver Creek public boat ramp. A short walk leads to a wooden viewing platform, which overlooks the McKenzie River. Here, osprey, waterfoul, beaver, and deer can be sighted near the river*s shore. The boat launch is paved, which provides easy access for vehicles from Highway 126. Interpretive and informative signs are found in several locations at the Watchable Wildlife site.

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Phone Number:541.683.6600


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Eugene District Bureau of Land Management 2890 Chad Drive Eugene OR USA

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Silver Creek Landing is located on the McKenzie River east of Springfield between Hendricks Bridge and Finn Rock on Highway 126. The Silver Creek Boat Landing is located on the right side of Highway 126, eight tenths of a mile east of mile marker 33.