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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Created: 2019/04/19 09:53 AM         Last Updated: 2019/07/19 09:53 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center will open on the banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, in the summer of 2004.A $110-million facility, the Freedom Center will feature three pavilions, celebrating courage, cooperation and perseverance. The story of freedom is woven through the heroic legacy of the Underground Railroad and the American struggle to abolish human enslavement and secure freedom for all people.Using the Underground Railroad as a lens through which to explore a range of freedom issues, the Freedom Center offers lessons and reflections on the struggle for freedom in the past, in the present, and for the future. And it helps visitors discover the power of one voice shared with many by speaking out about the meaning of freedom.

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312 Elm Street 20th Floor Cincinnati OH USA

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