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Fredericksburg National Cemetery

Created: 2019/05/25 10:26 PM         Last Updated: 2019/08/25 10:26 PM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Fredericksburg National Cemetery

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In July 1865, three months after the restoration of peace between the states, Congress authorized the establishment of a National Cemetery in Fredericksburg to honor the Federal soldiers who died on the battlefields or from disease in camp. The site chosen was on Marye's Heights, the formidable Confederate position which had proven so impregnable to repeated Federal attacks on December 13, 1862.

A soldier who fought with the 14th Indiana in the recent war returned to Fredericksburg as a member of a veteran corps assigned the task of locating and identifying the dead. He made these observations in a letter: "Your correspondent roamed all over the battle field of December 13, 1862. No headboards or monuments mark the spot where the gallant defenders of the old flag fell on that ever-memorable day. The great 'slaughter pen' of Gen. A. E. Burnside is most all under cultivation, enriched with the blood of as brave men as ever answered their country's call."


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Fredericksburg VA USA

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