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John Muir National Historic Site

Created: 2019/05/22 08:02 PM         Last Updated: 2019/08/22 08:02 PM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:John Muir National Historic Site

Attraction Type: Historical Site

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John Muir was many things, inventor, immigrant, botanist, glaciologist, writer, co-founder of the Sierra Club, fruit rancher. But it was John Muir's love of nature, and the preservation of it, that we can thank him for today. Muir convinced President Teddy Roosevelt to protect Yosemite (including Yosemite Valley), Sequoia, Grand Canyon and Mt. Rainier as National Parks.

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John Muir National Historic Site 4202 Alhambra Ave. Martinez CA USA

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Contra Costa County Connection Rt. #116 stops at John Muir National Historic Site. The bus operates Monday to Saturday and connects with the Martinez Amtrak station and BART stations in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek.