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Farmingdale kayak and canoe rentals

Created: 2019/05/19 05:24 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/19 05:24 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Farmingdale kayak and canoe rentals

Attraction Type: Boat Rides

Price Range:$25.00+


Kayak and canoe guided and self guided tours and rentals in central Maine area.  Take one of our 3 Hr. all included package tours in a quite scenic pond for $45.00 per person all gear included and guide included.  Rent the gear and plan your own trip with some helpful suggestions if you need them.  We are not located on the water so you will have to transport the boats or we can do it for a small fee.  The advantage to that is that you are not limited to going at our location.  All trips are easy and self paced.  No fast water.  We use stable and safe recreational style kayaks and canoes which are very wide open.  Maine Guide Daniel Albert is available for guided trips or to offer advice.  Open all year when the water is not frozen.

     Located in Farmingdale, near Augusta, Belgrade, Hallowell, Gardiner Maine.

Attraction Contact Info: Company Name:Farmingdale kayak and canoe rentals

Phone Number:207-582-1916


Contact Info:

Call to reserve or to get answers to your questions.  email at

phone 207-582-1916

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Directions to Activity:

27 Northern Ave. Farmingdale, ME. 04344