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Littleton Historical Museum

Created: 2019/05/26 12:25 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/26 12:25 AM

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The Littleton Historical Museum is a unique link between Littleton's past and present. Located on 14 acres adjacent to Ketring Lake, it encompasses an impressive collections center, three exhibition galleries and research library in the main museum building, and two living history farms. The 1860s homestead farm and the 1890s turn-of-the-century farm show how people lived and worked during the early years in Littleton and the South Platte Valley. There is also a working, early 1900s blacksmith shop, an ice house and Littleton's first one room school house. Interpreters work the farm sites, run the blacksmith shop and teach in the school house, offering a "living history" perspective to the museum visitor. The Collections Center, across the street from the museum, houses an impressive collection of over 30,000 historically significant artifacts that are used as educational tools, for research and in the changing exhibits in the museum galleries. The research library, in the museum building, has a splendid collection of books and manuscripts, and a wonderful collection of over 3,000 historical photographs for use by the public.

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6028 South Gallup Street Littleton CO USA

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