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Genoa National Fish Hatchery

Created: 2019/05/19 05:25 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/19 05:25 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Genoa National Fish Hatchery

Attraction Type: Fish Hatchery

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Genoa National Fish Hatchery (NFH) was established in 1932. The hatchery's mission is to rear 23 species of fish to support high priority federal management, restoration and threatened and endangered species programs. Genoa NFH also supports recovery efforts in the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi River. We provide fishery educations and self-guided or guided hatchery tours.

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Phone Number:(608) 689-2605


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S5689 State Road 35 Genoa WI USA

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Genoa National Fish Hatchery is located approximately three miles south of Genoa, Wisconsin on the west side of Highway 35.