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Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery

Created: 2019/05/26 12:24 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/26 12:24 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery

Attraction Type: Fish Hatchery

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This coldwater hatchery, located 11 miles downriver from Hoover Dam on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, raises rainbow trout primarily as mitigation for dams on the Colorado River. Approximately 750,000 trout are stocked annually in the Colorado River from Lake Mead south to the Mexican border. Imperiled fishes, like the razorback sucker and bonytail chub, are also being grown for recovery efforts in the Colorado River.

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Phone Number:(928) 767-3456


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25804 North Willow Beach Road HC 37, Box 17 Willow Beach AZ USA

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Willow Beach NFH is located 11 miles downriver from the Hoover Dam on the Arizona Side of the Colorado River. The hatchery is located 14 miles south of Hoover Dam on Hwy 93.