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The Alameda

Created: 2019/05/22 08:01 PM         Last Updated: 2019/08/22 08:01 PM

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The Alameda is a museum and theater complex becoming a national center for Latino arts and culture. The Alameda has been pivotal in developing a relationship with the University of Texas to create a museum degree program to encourage more Latinos in the museum field.Museo Americano will tell the story of the Latino experience in America. Its new facility will be conveniently located in San Antonio?s historic Market Square, opening late 2005. The museum will engage visitors from allover the world with the art, history and culture of a people that helped form the basis of our American civilization. Exhibitions will focus on Latino art, history, and culture. This Smithsonian will be a major source of rotating exhibits and borrowed artifacts designed to appeal to a family audience. A Children?s Area will also be part of the exhibit hall.

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318 West Houston Suite 200 San Antonio TX USA

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