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Heritage Harbor Museum

Created: 2019/04/19 10:16 AM         Last Updated: 2019/07/19 10:16 AM

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Heritage Harbor, located on the site of a former electrical power plant, is being developed as a 260,000 square-foot museum by a partnership of Rhode Island cultural and historical organizations. As Rhode Island's first state history museum, Heritage Harbor will house ethnic heritage exhibitions, Rhode Island's Heritage Hall of Fame, and special collections on steamships, diners, jewelry, and military history.Partners in the Heritage Harbor Museum include the American Diner Museum, the Armenian Historical Associations of Rhode Island, the Italian American Historical Society, Inc. of Rhode Island, the Museum of Natural History/Roger Williams Park, the Portuguese Cultural Foundation, the Providence Jewelry Museum, the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society, the German American Heritage Harbor Association, the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, the Rhode Island Indian Council, the Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association, the Rhode Island Military Collection, the Steamship Historical Society of America, the India Museum and Heritage Society, the Muslim Heritage Society, the Hispanic Heritage Commission of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial Committee, and the Tolerance Education Center and Museum (an affiliate of the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial Museum).

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222 Richmond Street, Suite 206 Providence RI USA

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