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Western Connecticut State University

Created: 2019/04/19 09:58 AM         Last Updated: 2019/07/19 09:58 AM

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Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), founded in 1903, is located in Danbury, a major city in Fairfield County in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, 65 miles north of Manhattan and 50 miles west of Hartford. WCSU's rural 364 acre Westside campus complements its 34 acre Midtown campus in the heart of downtown Danbury. Constant planning, evaluation, and improvement of programs and curriculum sharpen WCSU's "edge of excellence" and keep it responsive to the progressive community serves. The University works with and is supported by a forward-looking, innovative business community and collaborates with several local, state and regional community agencies and educational institutions.

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181 White Street Danbury CT USA

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