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Norway Beach Visitor Information Center

Created: 2019/05/19 05:27 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/19 05:27 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Norway Beach Visitor Information Center

Attraction Type: Visitor Center

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WELCOME to the Chippewa National Forest Visitor Centers Quick! Where can you nibble on crayfish tails, take a wildflower hike, travel back in time and purchase a bug net all at the same time? Try the Chippewa National Forest Visitor Centers! The Norway Beach and Cut Foot Sioux Visitor Centers are open throughout the summer and offer information, interpretive programs and hands-on activities for everyone. Over 16,000 people visit each year*..why don*t you join in the fun?

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Phone Number:(218) 335-8600



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200 Ash Avenue, NW Cass Lake MN USA

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The center is located four miles east of Cass Lake on Highway 2. Turn north on Norway Beach road and follow the signs.