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Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery

Created: 2019/05/26 12:27 AM         Last Updated: 2019/08/26 12:27 AM

Attraction Details Attraction Name:Pendills Creek National Fish Hatchery

Attraction Type: Fish Hatchery

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The Pendills Creek/Sullivan Creek National Fish Hatchery Complex was established in 1951. Our mission is to rear lake trout as part of Great Lakes Restoration Program; to provide environmental education; to provide eggs for other hatcheries, research, and to administer the astroturf program - the astroturf program uses astroturf as a substrate for eggs, which are then placed in various locations in lakes Michigan and Huron. Over 38,000 visitors come every year, we provide fishery education and hatchery tours.

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Phone Number:(906) 437-5231


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21990 W. Trout Lane Brimley MI USA

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Pendills Creek is located 18 miles West of Brimley, Michigan on West Lakeshore Drive (I.E. Curley Lewis Highway) and approximately 20 miles Southeast of Paradise, Michigan.